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1Dad1Life - Help Win Against Cancer


The Facts You NEED To Know About Alternative Cancer treatment.


Hi, my name is Soozi, I have put this site together on behalf of myself and my family, thank you so much for taking the time to come here and read through it. Just by doing so you have already helped us and we hope you get to learn something from it too. 

The information contained on this site is not intended to offend anyone. We have put this together based on information we have found through hours of research and the knowledge we have gained from our own experience. (see 'Our Story') This is obviously only based on our beliefs about cancer and the treatments available for it. 


We hope all other information on here will be informative for you, be of comfort and help those also dealing with cancer.


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Our Mission


1) To raise more awareness about possible alternatives for YOU.

3) To offer information and guidance to those who also find themselves in a similar situation.

4) To help people have a better understanding about prevention and teaching them how to remain healthy.

5) To offer less fear and MORE HOPE.


With You, we can help save lives together - Anything is possible!


Fund Raising 

Originally we set this site up to raise funds for our own trip to Mexico for alternative treatment. We don't personally raise funds now but if you wish to help others with a donation please go direct to Issels foundation here: http://www.issels.com/isselsfoundation/#sthash.eEl3j6J7.3CW172rF.dpbs 

Why Donate?

Because every donation will go towards helping another individual who wants the same treatment and towards new alternative research. 

Not everyone can afford to have this treatment yet everyone deserves the chance.

You will be helping to save the lives of others and helping their families too. Obviously the choice is yours.

Donation can be made here on the 'Donations Page'


Other ways you can help

By getting the word out - A lot of people doing a small amount goes a long way - Make a difference!


1: Please pass this web address www.1dad1life.com to everyone in your address book and to anyone you know and ask them to please do the same.

2: Please add our link www.1dad1life.com to your website, your blogs, online community profiles like facebook etc and send it to your contacts.


By going through this site you have already helped. The more people who come and view it, the more people we help, so thank you just for being here.


Please do continue through the rest of the site, you can find our story on the next page plus all the research we did before and after we went to the hospital in Mexico. We hope you will find it helpful.


All the very best to you, your families and good health to you all

Soozi Scoones and family


Doing what ever it takes - Making a difference

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