A Tribute For Dad


In Loving Memory Of Our Amazing, Fun & Loving Dad

1933 - 2009


Sadly our Dad passed away unexpectedly after suffering a stroke on 
9th August 2009

We would like to express our sincere thanks to those of you who sent us cards and who supported us during this difficult time in coming to terms with the great loss of our dad.

A celebration of dads life was held on Tuesday 18th August 2009 at 2.15pm 
at the Oxford crematorium.

As dad would have wanted, we had no flowers - however donations were gratefully received for the Issels Foundation which goes towards helping others win against cancer. 


Our dad was a huge inspiration not only to us but to many others and touched the lives of people with his kindness, generosity, his wisdom and his fun.
He will be missed so very much.

Rest in peace Dad x

In Memory of Ken Scoones

In Mexico they called him the miracle man after winning against "terminal" lung cancer in just 4 weeks. More than that Ken made many new friends on his journey at the Issels centre while having his treatment and here are a few quotes from just some of the people who came to love him.

 “He was such a delighted soul, His attitude made him a survivor”. The Meghani family - USA

 "He was such a lovely guy and we were privileged to know him - it seems inconceivable that we will no longer hear his cheery words or experience his lovely easy way. We'll miss Ken. Felt we could call him anytime for a little reassurance. He was a dear heart who left an impression that won't be easily forgotten.” Pauline and Walter. UK & Canada

“I am so privileged to have known Ken. He was a precious man.” Jacinta - UK

 “I can see Ken's radiant smile at Issels when he had the results from his scan. The gutsy, feisty, fighting (cancer) Dad.” Carol - UK & Canada 

"He was a lovely man and we will never forget him" Richard & Sandra - Australia

"All I can tell you is that I can only remember your father full of life, love and laughter.  It makes me smile when I think about him". Marysol - Mexico

"Ken was such a special man--very kind and so much fun. I can say that in the short time that I had to spend with y'all it was so evident that he had such a sweet, sweet spirit". Sunni - Texas USA

“He was a wonderful man, really wonderful, I'll remember him always with that beautiful naughty smile of him spreading happiness”  Angelica - Mexico

“We all thought so highly of Ken. We shall never forget our time with him “- Bruce and Vicky - Mexico

“Your Dad will always have a very special place in my heart, you always thank me for the time here but I am the one who should be thankful, he will always be an inspiration and an example to follow!”  
Yolanda (Dr) - Mexico

“Your dear husband and father has a special place in our hearts and memories as a special person and brave warrior against a relentless disease. With my warmest regards”, Mrs Ilsa Issels - USA

A Service to Celebrate Ken.

Born on the 9th January 1933 at 39 Marston Street, Oxford. – a small 2 up 2 down terraced house. He was the youngest of 6 children. He went to East Oxford Primary School and was a Choirboy at St. Michaels Church. Living in Marston Street he often saw the Cowley Fathers from Cowley St. John’s walking up and down the road. Like everyone, he knew them as the Cowley Dads.

Something he also remembered from his childhood was having tea with the Nuns in the convent at Banbury Road. His father was often painting and decorating there, this being the family business. This sense of working for, and looking after people you know was something he repeated later in life when he owned the business himself. 

He not only liked people, he also adored animals. As a child he had a pet chicken!  He also had rabbit and cat at the same time. 

Ken did his National Service in the RAF, and being based nearby in the Cotswolds he was able to travel there on his motorbike.

It was whilst visiting his brother in Hampshire, that Ken met Betty – who on first sight appeared to be doing some strange things with his brother on the lawn! They said it was acrobatics, but then they would say that, wouldn’t they? 

Ken was obviously impressed and an acquaintance was made, with subsequent courting leading to a marriage in 1956 and three children, Alan, Roger and Soozi. Later Ken and Betty collected six wonderful grand children – Andrew and Chloe (Alan & Debs) Matthew and Bradley (Roger's) and Brads & Jen whom Rogers partner, Caz, brought into the world and brought into the family.

A husband to 1, a father to 3, and a grandfather to 6.  

During this time Ken had a variety of jobs, including a number in sales of various sorts, including things as diverse as insurance, pies and sausages, and even an Ice Cream Van salesman – a favourite with some small members of the family!   
In between these jobs, time was spent working at Morris Motors on the production line or Nuffield Exports, and also as a “final view Inspector”, which kept the money coming in. At one point he had 13 jobs in 13 years!  

But what Ken really wanted was to be self-employed and run his own business. Eventually, he had an opportunity to take on the family painting and decorating business, and so jumped at the chance. The job-hopping days were over at last and Ken had found his “niche”. 

In his time off, he loved to go Ballroom Dancing with Betty – rock & roll being a favourite, along with the “Big Band Sound”, and even the occasional trip to London’s “Studio 21”, an underground jazz club!  

He was also a big sports fan. Going to Rugby matches at Iffley Road with his dad and brother-in-law were common events in the earlier years.
Later it was going to see England play football at Wembley with his mates, and later still, taking his own sons along.
Ken was also the manager of 2 boys football teams in Aston (of different ages) who played in the local Witney & District league.   

The family lived in Aston, just outside Witney, for many years where he was fully involved in village life, taking on roles such as Master of Ceremonies at events held in a local barn – a Cossack Night, Medieval nights, Mid-Summers feasts, Jubilee feasts, etc – he was always there in the midst of it all.  He also ran the local “200 club”.  

One year he was even dressed up as Father Christmas. Soozi, sat on his lap, chatted away, and didn’t even realise it was her dad! 

Ken was a good man. He was kind and helpful – always willing to do anything for anyone. Even though he had little spare money himself, he was a regular donor to various charities throughout his life and was adored by many people he met. 

However, one of Ken’s best assets was his fun loving nature. He was very laid back and could laugh about any situation, and make fun of anyone and everyone, in the best possible way – always in jest, he was never, ever offensive – and people loved him for that.  

Even when diagnosed with "terminal" cancer, he could still laugh and joke about it – and fought it bravely with good heart. 

He refused chemotherapy and after his family helped him raise the funds, went off to the Issels Treatment Centre in Mexico for a course of natural alternative treatment. He immediately made lots of new friends amongst the staff and patients alike. Only 4 weeks later his cancer had gone completely. All scans were clear. It was like a miracle had taken place. 

His very last proper “day out” was just over 3 weeks ago on 24th July 2009, when he went with Alan and Andrew, on Alan's birthday, to the new Wembley Stadium to see a football match, a day he thoroughly enjoyed.  Father, son and grandson together, 3 generations and a memory to treasure.

His footballing hero was Bobby Robson, who was exactly the same age as Ken, and who himself died only a couple of weeks earlier after his own battle against cancer.

As mentioned previously, Ken used to really enjoy going ballroom dancing with Betty, and one song they always danced to was The Last Waltz.

So it was with The Last Waltz that we ended the celebration of Ken’s life, after which, in the new tradition of footballing tributes, instead of silence when the music stopped, we gave a standing ovation instead, to help him on his way, and to say Thank you Ken, thank you Dad, thank you Grampy Ken.....for being you.

Ken Scoones 1933 - 2009
Greatly missed but with such wonderful and treasured memories.
Love you always xxx

At Issels Treatment Centre - Mexico September 2008

"Always look on the bright side of life" 

You can shed a tear that he has gone
Or you can smile because he lived

You can close your eyes & pray he will come back
Or you can open your eyes & see all he has left

Your heart can be empty because you cant see him
Or you can be full of the love you shared

You can turn your back on tomorrow & live yesterday
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

You can remember him & only that he has gone
Or you can cherish his memory & let it live on

You can cry & close your mind, be empty & turn your back
Or you can do what he'd want, Smile, open your eyes, love & go on..

Very Special Thanks To:
The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, The Right Reverend Andrew Burnham 
who conducted a wonderful service in celebration of Ken's life.

The family would also like to thank everyone at the Issels treatment centre for all you did for our dad and for the 
love and support you have given to us all on an ongoing basis. 
You make such a huge difference in peoples lives and you held a special place in dads heart.
Dad had a full life and because of what you all do, his last year was full of hope and happiness.
Thank you.

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