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Take Action Now!



"Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today" - Thomas Jefferson


This page is designed to help you get off to the right start in building up your own immune system should you wish to. This is not a full treatment protocol or to replace any other treatment, it's simply something you can do at home while looking for, and finding the right treatment for yourself.

Step by step list of things you could do at home

What you should be looking to achieve is to boost your immune system by getting your pH level in the body UP. To do this you need to Alkalise the body. The key is Alkalise, Alkalise, Alkalise.


To learn more about how to Alkalise 
you will find some great information From Here

When dad was first diagnosed we put him straight on a raw food diet. BUT, be careful as this can cause weight loss very quickly. You can also turn raw foods into soup for easier consumption and digestion. Check on the net for vegetarian and vegan raw food diets, soups, there are some fantastic and easy to do recipes available.


Eliminate  processed foods.
Completely eliminate from the diet: Sugar, Red Meats and Dairy 
(or avoid as much as possible)
Research shows cancer thrives on these as they create an acidic environment in the body.
(Organic Chicken and white fish now and then are OK)

Organic foods are very important or home grown in good soil without any form of chemicals. 
Organic fresh fruit and veg daily but avoid fruits that are very sweet.
If you are unsure what foods are good then definitely get the Alkaline food chart above.

Fresh organic fruit & veg are always best but remember, other organic foods and household items are also just as important, as you are changing your lifestyle for maximum results in winning against cancer!


Fresh Organic Juices 

Fresh Juices are very important but you must 
make sure you have the right juicer. 
The best for this are called Masticating Juicers Meaning slow turning. 


One of the most important juices is a Green Juice.

Green Juice Recipe

At least one to two 8oz glasses of green juice a day preferably between meals.

This is a guideline for a green juice, the vegetables are chosen because of their nutritious value, the live enzymes, their antioxidant contributions and their alkalising effect. These are especially important for patients who have a difficult time consuming raw salads. Most enzymes are lost during cooking so having raw vegetables both in juice and in salads is very important to restore and maintain health.

All vegetables must be organic and the freshest and ripest you can buy.
Rubbery wilted greens are neither tasty nor healthy.

Basic green juice formula.
1 medium green apple
6 leaves watercress
3 leaves romaine lettuce
1/2 green pepper
1 leaf green kale
1 leaf red kal
3 leaves escarole
3 leaves dandelion
2 leaves red or green cabbage

For patients with digestive problems it's recommended eliminating the green pepper.

Some vegetables may be difficult to obtain therefore here are some alternatives: 
Carrot, collard greens, parsley, spinach.
(Thanks to Issels for this recipe)

Other Nutritional Juices 
These can be quite sweet so depending on your stage of cancer be careful of the sugar content.
Carrot Juice - Carrot and Green Apple - Beet and Pineapple.
A Fresh natural organic yoghurt each day is also good.

Coffee Enemas
There is no room for pride when fighting cancer and the next thing is another important thing you can do and you can do it at home........ Coffee Enemas - You can buy the kit for these and the right coffee for them, Wilson's Coffee is really good. An excellent kit is the one in the picture and at the lowest price we could find from Amazon. This is the one we bought ourselves. Simply click the picture to go to Amazon and find out more. Learn how to do them properly, it will clear bad toxins from the body. It is important but very simple to do and should be done every day. 


 All we can suggest here is what our dad took so it gives you an idea of the type of supplements you might want to look at taking. It really does depend on what type of cancer you have, so advise from an expert would be a good idea.
These are the supplements our dad was taking: 
Asidol - Vitamin C - Niacin - N-Acetilcistein - Ultra Enzymes - Vitamin B12 - Probiotics - Vitamin B17 - Curcumine - CoQ10 - Melatonin - ADerogyl 15 - Vitamin E - Calcium - Silibinin - Potassium.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises also help in getting more oxygen into the body and can easily be done at home, Take a deep breath in via the nose and out through the mouth, your stomach should expand when you breathe in and relax when you breathe out. Try to do this about 5-6 times, if you need to breathe normally in between then do so and then continue. 
Try to do this as many times a day as possible, get oxygen into the body. 
Breathing techniques can be found here
    Cancer does not like oxygen!

Exercises and or massage

This is another thing that can be important, make sure you exercise. Again this gets the blood flow going and creates oxygen in the body. No need to overdo this, a nice walk daily in the fresh air is very good and some gentle stretching exercises. Yoga or Pilates are both good forms for this. If you struggle to go out or get about, you can still exercise while sitting, stretching your arms and legs up, holding them out, turning at the ankles and wrists one way then back the other etc, this can be done a few times a day. What ever you do, make it enjoyable!
The other thing you could do is get someone to give you a good daily massage ;-)

The Right Attitude

Your mind plays a huge role in helping you heal, having the right attitude is very important, do all you can to remain positive. If you need some inspiration, just go on you tube and type in 'Inspirational Movies' You will find plenty. 

Laughter Therapy
- Reduce Stress

I know it may sound odd because we all know how serious cancer can be and we have to treat it correctly but, laughter can actually help heal as it releases certain things in the body that enhance healing, the more you can laugh the better for you on both a physical level and emotional level. Watch funny films or read joke/funny books, get together with the family and make each other laugh, do things through out the day that will make you laugh, it will make you feel so much better and help reduce stress.
Remember, you are here to LIVE so live and laugh every day ;-)

As we have said before, please do look into finding the right treatment from experts and while doing so, we hope this information will help get you started on the road to healing.

Knowing how short life can be and not knowing what will happen tomorrow we must live for today and as a good friend always says to me.....Each day......"DANCE"

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