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Our Story


We had never really stopped to think about the effect cancer has on people and their families 

until it happened to us! 

We did not really know very much about it as it had never really been "in the family" so to speak and we are sure there are quite a few of you who will unfortunately relate to this. Cancer is one of those diseases we, like many others, took for granted and never thought it was going to happen to us or a member of our family but when it did, as anyone who has already experienced this will know, its a huge shock and has changed our lives forever. 

We now have a completely different outlook on cancer and other diseases.


It was May 2008 that our family were informed that our dad had cancer. 

It all started with malignant melanoma (skin cancer) where the primary tumor was on the side of his chest. The crazy thing is, our dad is not and has never been a sun worshiper, is a non-smoker and not a "drinker". He is a good honest man, always willing to help those in need and he did not deserve this! Of course the first questions we asked ourselves is "How can this happen, why was this happening to him" 

The news hit us so very hard and it was unfamiliar and very unreal.

Following an operation to remove the melanoma, more testing and scans, we found that we did not catch it in time, the cancer had already (Metastasised) spread to his lungs, (Stage 4) Yet another shock for all of us.

The oncologist told us there was "no cure" for his type of cancer. He offered chemotherapy but made it clear that this would not cure it. Dad was given an approximate time of 1 year left to live which was due to the fact he had the most aggressive form of Melanoma and they had no more promising therapy to offer him. The UK doctors basically gave up on him! 


Time To Act For Ourselves

We cannot describe the emotions we experienced during that time but we were all very clear on the following: First there had to be something we could do and secondly we would do what ever it took to save our dads life. Against the odds we decided he was not going to become another victim of this disease, he was going to be another cancer survivor. 


Dad refused the advised chemotherapy, which we were all very happy about, we could not see the point in him having to go through chemo with all its negative side effects only to extend his life - if at all - for and additional year or for it having the opposite effect of shortening his life.

As for Dad, he also wanted to spare us from going through all that pain.


Since the news of dads cancer we spent days, nights and hours upon hours researching and looking into different ways we could defeat this disease. We know people do survive cancer and knew our dad could too. Of course all this did not make us experts, but it gave us a good understanding of the disease itself and the shattering truth about the lack of success rates fighting it through conventional methods, especially at stage 4. Most of it being negative and depressing, we decided to stop looking at those aspects and to focus on finding a cure instead. We were mainly interested in alternative methods and came across various websites with some amazing and eye opening information. (You can find more about that journey on the 'Our Research' page)


This is when we came across an alternative hospital in Mexico. As soon as we saw what they do we just knew this was the place dad needed to be.

Mexico????...... we hear you say.......of all the places!


So Why Mexico?

 Simply because this alternative hospital had everything we had been looking for and we could not find a program like this one offered anywhere else. Prior to finding this place we had found various things but none of it in the same place and therefore not really an option as unnecessary stress was to be avoided at all costs.

So the most important reason for sending him to the Mexican Hospital was because it combined

all methods of treating cancer all in one place and it's also a full service hospital.


Their program is Alternative, Complimentary and Conventional and includes Immunotherapy Vaccines. The hospital has had and still does have amazing results and we felt this would give dad the best chance of becoming a cancer survivor.

To find out more about the hospital go to www.issels.com 


Our next step was taking action and contact the hospital where we spoke to a lovely woman called Ellen (who was just brilliant in helping us and continues to do so) We got all our questions answered, we spoke with a former patient to find out more and everything just ticked all the right boxes for us. We were then sent an application form to fill in and were accepted for treatment. It was from this point on we started to raise the money we needed to get dad there. (you can read more about that on the 'Progress Diary' page) None of it comes cheap but you cannot put a price on a life and this is also why we are now raising funds to help others to go to this amazing hospital!


By September 11th 2008 we finally had the money to go to Mexico and arrived at San Diego Airport where we were collected by a driver from the hospital and driven over the border to Playas De Tijuana, arriving at the hospital around 10pm. Not really knowing what to expect we knew within a day that we were in the right place. Dads treatment started early the very next day and continued for the full 4 week program.

The way we were treated by all the staff was amazing, they could not do enough to help. This was probably the most positive place I (Soozi) have ever been too. We also met a lot of other patients and their companions, who's stories are truly inspiring. From this whole positive experience we have made life long friends from all over the world.

People go there to LIVE, not to die and we cannot recommend it highly enough. 

As the end of our 4 weeks came to a close, dad had another scan and the very next day the doctors took us to actually see the results. The radiologist explained everything to us, first showing us the original scan with all the small tumors on dads lungs, he then showed us the new scan side by side with the old one for comparison. The result was absolutely outstanding, every single tumor had completely vanished, the lungs were clear, dads cancer had gone!

As you can imagine we were thrilled and shocked all at the same time. Thrilled because of the exciting news and well, in shock because we never quite expected results like this and certainly not in such a short period of time.

Emotions were high, IT WORKED! We had done it. We had done what we set out to do: To kill the cancer which was invading our dads body.


Still in shock! You can see dads testimonial here 

and on the Issels website under testimonials.




We also have a recording of the actual results when they were given but due to this being very personal and emotional it is not posted on the site but available to listen to should anyone wish to hear it.

What did the treatment consist of?

The basis of the treatment is to help build/rebuild the body's own immune system to such a level that it has the ability to fight off disease.


Some of these things are just too long to explain so here is just a short list version of dads treatment which was unique to his specific needs. If you want to know more simply contact us


Full consultation, complete blood count and urine analysis tests to determine dads specific treatment.

Intravenous Vitamin C almost daily

Intravenous Vitamin B17 (laetrile) almost daily

Intravenous Multi Vitamins

Intravenous Ozone therapy

B12 injections were given to help protect his liver as well as a drinkable solution. (He called this his shot of tequila!)

Amazingly delicious food, all organic fresh fruit, veggies etc, a complete buffet to choose from for each meal every day.

Lots of freshly made veg and fruit juices, starting off slowly and building up to about 10 per day

A Protein drink and a daily fresh yoghurt

Photopheresis - This separates blood cells in order to make up the very important vaccines.

Intravenous Calcium to compensate for loss after photopheresis

The Vaccines were:

 The Dendritic Cell Vaccine

The Coleys Vaccine

The Issels Vaccine


Other Treatments:

Daily coffee enemas

2 Colonics in the 4 weeks

Cleansing of approx 70% of the blood via an ultraviolet machine - this kills viruses, bacteria and fungi


Several daily supplements tailored to dads specific needs based on his own type of cancer.

They consisted of:


Vitamin C



Ultra Enzymes





Vitamin E 



Potassium mixed in his juices


On top of all that he also had 2 Massages, laughter therapy, shopping trips, walks to the beach, nutrition class, breathing and exercise class and other workshops/classes for help in changing his lifestyle back home. All of these things play a huge role in the healing process. 


"The Issels Treatment is a comprehensive immunotherapy program that integrates the most effective state-of-the-art technologies, such as advanced cancer vaccines, and other safe and scientifically validated therapies".


Ken ScoonesThe end result for us is that our dad was cancer free!


This was simply because he decided what was best for him. When you are fighting any disease, you have the right to choose the type of treatment you want, you CAN say no to doctors, they don't always know what is best, only YOU can decide what treatment is best for you. It is your body, your life, your choice and you have that right to choose. If we had not made that decision, our dad would now not be enjoying a healthy life again!


If you would like to know more, we would be more than happy to speak with you, simply contact us so we can arrange a convenient time for this. Our aim is to help you wherever we can.


Hopefully this page has been helpful to you and please do remember:

There is always hope and always another way.

For those of you here who are going through a similar experience......

Focus on the positive, do your own research, choose what is right for you

Never give up, you cannot do too much, you can only do too little!

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